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Marketing, communication and fundraising


The SPORTWIDE Group has significant experience in the field of istitutional and not-for-profit communication and marketing.

SPORTWIDE and SHOWIDE offer to the institutional and not-for-profit  sectors their vast experience and know-how, gathered in over ten years of event organisation, testimonial management and communication.
Starting from a careful analysis of the client’s objectives, with support from the most advanced market and target analysis technologies and making the best use of focussed know-how in the fields of sports and entertainment in general, the two divisions of the SPORTWIDE Group are able deliver the best communication and fund-raising projects, fully satisfying any client requirement.

SPORTWIDE has successfully closed several significant not-for-profit projects: ranging from design to identification and management of testimonials; realisation and communication; press office and result measurement.

Some of the projects to which SPORTWIDE contributed:

  • Organisation, communication and realisation of the project AIRC – Un Gol per la Ricerca (Italian Cancer Research Association – A Goal For Life), sponsored by LNP (Italian football professional league) and FIGC (Italian football federation), which in 2011 won the second place in the international Best Practice Award by EPFL, the European Professional Football Leagues Association, as best social marketing project in sports.
  • Team Management at the Giro d’Italia a Vela (sailing race) for Fondazione Serono in collaboration with the Istituto Tumori di Milano (cancer hospital) and sponsored by the Presidenza del Consiglio (Prime Minister’s Office)
  • Communication activities for Javier Zanetti’s PUPI Fund
  • Design and communication for the Antarctica Project for the Italian Army – Scuola Alpini di Aosta
  • Consultancy activities for the army sports groups Gruppi Sportivi Fiamme Gialle
  • Consultancy activities for Promos, dedicated company of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan for internationalisation and territorial marketing

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