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Events, Marketing and Communication


SPORTWIDE is a marketing and communication agency belonging to SPORTWIDE Group with an in-depth knowledge in the events organization and celebrities management.

SHOWIDE is a specialised division of SPORTWIDE able to tailor skills and experience in communication and marketing to the specific world of entertainment, the organisation of events, the selection and management of endorsers.

SHOWIDE offers highly professional organization: all marketing and communication activities are interpreted and adapted to the specific requested, always based on careful qualitative and quantitative evaluations.

SHOWIDE has an innovative approach  to the events organisation using new  technologies successfully tested to support marketing initiatives and communication events such as on-field mapping, mass choreography, holograms, luminous fountains, daytime fireworks and drones.

Others specific SHOWIDE activities are in the organization of Conventions, Events and Workshops also with the use of endorsers, motivators and speakers.

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